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Fulfillment Services

Pickup, Pack & Ship!

BAK Express Pickup Service is a leading provider of fulfillment services to established eCommerce companies of all sizes.
In short, BAK Express Pickup Service eliminates all headaches associated with packing and shipping orders.

BAK Express Pickup Service
receives, warehouses, packages and ships your inventory to your customers, sales force, distributors, channel partners, retailers or anyone else you choose, worldwide, in a highly accurate, fast and cost effective manner.

We guarantee every order will ship with 100% accuracy within 24 hours or it's FREE.

 Our fulfillment services are engineered to give your business maximum benefits resulting from exceptional speed, accuracy and efficiency.

You maintain total control and have total visibility over the entire fulfillment process. You will never have to pack another box. Your inventory is always organized and ready for shipment.
Focus your time and energy on growth while we ship the boxes and make your life easier.”


  • Same Day Service
  • Home Delivery
  • Packaging Service
  • Won’t be around for delivery? Have us hold the shipment for convenient pick/delivery

Additional Service

  • Light Assembly
  • DVD/CD Replication
  • Warehousing
  • Returns Processing

We say, focus on growing your core business and leave the picking, packing and shipping to us!

  • Direct Rush Delivery Service
    (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
    Connecticut, Massachusetts)
  • Direct Rush Delivery Service
  • Rush Messenger and Trucking
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